Day 2

Day 2 started as an excellent vacation day -- reading all the available newspapers, watching the Tour de France. If I would have had a case of Coke, three pounds of candy, and an iron stomach, it would have been pure ecstacy.

Eventually I decided to go out and tackle the world. Being that I didn't have much of anything scheduled throughout the week(other than two "dates"), I wasn't in a terrible hurry. So, I walked down to Market Days again, checking out all the deals this time, and buying absolutely nothing(aside from food) out on the street. After all, it's a little hard to justify buying stuff when you're still considering having to wear it on your back for the ride home. I may be insane, but I'd like to think I occasionally have a bit of common sense about such things.

Well, okay, a BIT of common sense. I still bought 6 juggling balls. That was a worthwhile purpose, all things considered, although it was stupid of me to not bring balls with in the first place. I mean, I'm going to a new city, hoping to meet a person or two, and I leave the balls at home? What was I thinking? That my trips would even vaguely resemble the trips of most human beings?

Balls-less situation rectified, I decided to walk to the Christa McAulliffe Planetarium. Christa McAulliffe was the school teacher who blew up spectularly in 1986.

Ironically, inside the Planetarium they have a flight sim where you can attempt to land the Columbia. I only crashed a few times before roughly getting the hang of it.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, a random person, from the, "best law firm in Concord" gave me walking directions to the planetarium. I think it made my route a whole lot shorter.

Frankly, on this trip I was thankful for the kindess of strangers. I biked to Concord following the clerk's directions, and probably saved myself an hour. I found my motel because I managed to find the right person. And I saved myself a decent amount of walking because a random woman saw me attempting to read a map.

Speaking of strangers...

Ha. Leaving that part out again.

I bought some trinkets from the Planetarium, and took a trip to Mars(it's a good projection system; basically a 360 degree, full-color, over-multimediatized experience.)

I walked back to Concord, and that's the end of day 2.

Well, it isn't, but I'm chopping out the exciting parts for later documents, to keep you poor fools addicted to my writing.

Speaking of writing, you people should write me. Tell me what you think I should do with myself. Obviously I'll argue with you and tell you you're wrong, but it'll be fun.

Or just write something, and I'll attempt to behave.