This is my new webpage


This is extremely ugly. Not that my old page was any better, but after 3½ years, I figured I should get SOME sort of an update out the window.

So, here we go:
Moderate Wacko - my political blogging website
Paradoks's Livejournal - my personal blogging website

Now, by "personal" I mean "events that I find interesting or amusing, but that would almost certainly not harm me in a future political campaign.". Or, in other words, I am not going to be talking about my dating life. Ever. If you'd like to know about my dating life, you can feel free to ask me questions about it, and I will feel free to completely ignore them.

If you'd like to know what I feel about copyright, though... That's a good thing for Moderate Wacko. As well as the unending stupidity of any partisan. Or uninformed moderate. Or anyone else, frankly.

Do tell me if you're politically informed, moderate, and have good writing skills, though. My hope is that, someday, Moderate Wacko will have a broader writing group than just Dan and me.

This will also be a page to help with my TikiWiki skills; my current biggest project is attempting to gain the skills and proof I need in order to become a technical writer. I'm hoping to write a help document or two for the Tikiwiki project.

I decided to add a Copyright section, more of as a personal reference, to help me organize all the wonderful different facets that I sometimes have difficulty keeping together.

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